Building a playful branding

Gemeente Maasmechelen


Remember the days when you were just a kid, playing with building blocks, creating castles, and letting your imagination run wild? Well, guess what? We at Sirfish got to be kids again – for real! And how, you ask? By crafting 'The Blokkendoos’ - MaasMechelen's newest branding style.


Now, these aren't your ordinary blocks; they're the key to creating a MaasMagisch world. You can mix & match MaasMechelen memorable branding - 'try to say that ten times fast - endlessly on tote bags, lanyards, t-shirts, hoodies, praline boxes, and other awesome merchandise.


These playful blocks, inspired by MaasMechelen's nature and charm, can be neatly categorized into three distinct themes ‘Terrein - tribute to nature’, ‘Water - tribute to the aquatic beauty’, ‘Groen - tribute to fauna and flora’, and, of course, the MaasM Logo.


It gets even better! 'The Blokkendoos’ isn't just a fun tool, it's a co-creation playground for everyone. We've taken these playful blocks and turned them into a hands-on experience. We've organized co-creation workshops with children and young adults, to help them learn about the blocks and their meanings.

In our ‘MaasMonster’ T-shirt and ‘MaasMachien’ hoodie workshop, kids got to channel their inner designers. First, they received a crash course on the Blokkendoos: the categories, the colors, and how to use them. Then, armed with this knowledge, they unleashed their creativity to design their own T-shirts and hoodies.


So, channel your inner kid too and have a blast. The MaasMechelen world is your playground!

Ready to build your brand's playground?