SirFish, who dis?

We like pizza, you like pizza. There's a PlayStation in our office. And we may or may not have an office goldfish that wags its tail. If this doesn't convince you to work with us, here are 5 more legit reasons.

We’re more flexible than a yoga master doing a downward dog. We stretch. We bend. And then some. Always keeping our balance, though.

See this? That’s how fast we swim. Always dedicated to getting the job done: surprising you with out-of-the-bowl ideas and executing them flawlessly.

We’re a challenger and completely okay with that. It keeps us motivated to chase the newest insights and stay up-to-date. Our motto? If you don’t swim, you’ll drown.

We only do custom-made advertising. Whatever media mix or guerrilla suit your brand will wear, it will look fabulous. Pinky promise.

To be completely honest, we have to pay our people every month. Even when all they do is walk around in silly costumes. But don’t worry, they don’t make that much. When they sold their souls to advertising, they thought it would pay much better.

Things we’re happy to do for you. And money.
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