We tricked Wout van Aert (and Ethias).


We reeled in a big one! Our uncles that get a bit too excited about fishing would be proud! 
The catch? Thé Wout van Aert. 


How did we lure in the big kahuna? Well, we might have tricked him by saying we were going to shoot a promo video for him, when in fact it was a video to promote SirFish. Luckily, it turns out Wout and SirFish share a lot of the same values. So in the end, everybody was happy. 


All bad joking aside. The campaign 'Samen gaan we ervoor' ('Together, we go for it') is an homage to the everyday Belgian heroes. Always humble, always working hard. 
And who better to embody this spirit than Belgium's golden boy Wout van Aert.


Together with Ethias, he wants to convince all Belgians of the power of teamwork. Ethias believes that by supporting each other, everyone can achieve their goals, big or small. Whether you're in front of the classroom, behind the production line or already on the podium: together you will get further than alone.


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Special thanks and kudos to:
Director: Sidney van Wichelen
Production Co: De Machine
DP: Piet Deyaert  
Audio Post: Sonhouse
Soundtrack: Victory van Daan (akoestisch live concert Flagey)
Voice-over: Gene Bervoets (NL) & Patrick Ridremont (FR) 

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