We’re only a WhatsApp away



The Umami restaurant in the UHasselt campuses has a direct line to the hearts and stomachs of the students and employees, and now we've added a WhatsApp channel**. What? Yes, that's right, WhatsApp. What else? Because when it comes to food, we don't 'mess around' – we're all about instant gratification.


We went all-in, unleashing an army of QR codes for students, employees, and visitors to scan. We practically painted the town (or at least the campus) Umami with charming ambassadors and table pyramids to spread the word.


And what's cooking in this WhatsApp? Everything, that's what! Hit 'em up with practical info like the week's menu, opening hours or special theme days. But it's not a one-way street. Got questions? Suggestions? Reviews? Fire away! Umami can take the heat. And maybe they’ll actually bring back the 'most requested' ‘panini Joppie’ on the menu.


So, there you have it, Umami at UHasselt – making food fun, interactive, and as easy as texting your BFF.


**We’re not responsible for uncontrollable cravings, mouth-watering, or excessive pizza consumption.