Corona can’t stop us - and neither can you

Stad Hasselt


Hey Alanis Morissette, if you’re looking for some extra lyrics to add to ‘Isn’t it ironic’, we’ve got ‘em. 

Picture this. It’s February and we are in the middle of creating a retail reopening campaign for Hasselt. And then corona shuts down the renewed stores right before opening AND our campaign before we could even shoot it. But to be fair, we think the end result couldn’t possibly have been better than the mock-up below. 

(We were lucky we could bill our previous Christmas mobility campaign, tho.) 

Instead, we covered the city in as many corona proof stickers, signs and flags as we could possibly invoice when stores could finally reopen post corona. 

In addition, we’re working on a cool Instafari route throughout the city with cool photo ops at empty shop windows. No doubt you’ll see us channelling our inner Alanis at the PKP stage window.

Want to find our just how unstoppable we are?