Getting girls to skate

Skate Vlaanderen


Avril Lavigne would be proud if she knew about this campaign we did for Skate Vlaanderen. With the new project 'Girls Who Skate', Skate Flanders wants to work towards giving women and girls an equal space in the skateboarding landscape. Or, to put it in human terms: they want to encourage girls to skate! For this awesome project, we helped create the visual identity of Girls Who Skate, their social media strategy, and a thrilling campaign video with Belgian skate legend Lore Bruggeman.


We dusted off our old skateboards, bought the biggest sneakers we could find, put our hats on backward, and got to work. Throughout the entire campaign, it was important to showcase that skating is truly for everyone. It’s safe, inclusive, and a real sport. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, or even style, everyone is welcome to skate. Through testimonials from Lore and other skaters, we strengthened this message. Visually, we also incorporated the inclusive nature of skating, without losing track of the identity that is linked to skateboarding as a subculture.

We created an Instagram page to spread the different testimonials and get girls to come out and try their first ollies. The goal is to help spread the inclusive nature of the skate culture and turn the sport of skating into a possible hobby for anyone. And no, baggy pants are not mandatory.