Selling a hospital



How many designs and copy variations can you make to sell the same message? Short answer: a lot, long answer: take a look. We don’t complain, what do you expect when doing the recruitment for the best and biggest hospital in Limburg? We’re also the most dedicated agency for a reason.


But before you think of working in advertising or you think "What do they do all those hours?” have a look at this case. And remember that this was only for ONE recruitment campaign and ONE vacancy. We do this for EVERY vacancy and EVERY recruitment campaign for ZOL. We’re not asking for an applause, but a free mental check-up from time to time would be nice.

Congrats, you made it to the end! 

Bonus round: if you can spot all the differences in our very creative work above, you win a free bottle of Smeets Jenever. 


Want us to take care – wink wink – of your brand?