A heartwarming campaign

Radson Heating


This is the story of a little stuffed lion. Let’s call him Frank. Just for story purposes, of course. (His real name is Captain Fluff.) So, we gave Frank a really important mission: make people love the Radson brand and choose their heating solutions over the competition’s. To get this done, Frank thought of some great ideas. First, he starred in an endearing campaign video with his human friend. Then, he posed like a pro with a family that wasn’t even his real family and spread the lovely pictures throughout an inspirational magazine and consumer website

During this time, Frank got dragged in the mud, survived a lap in the washing machine and was spat on by a baby girl. 

It’s not easy being Frank. So, we cut him some slack and gratefully thanked him for his services. Now he’s retired and spending his last days on a Caribbean beach, sipping paw-licious cocktails. Or collecting dust in an old box in our agency’s stock room. Either one. 

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