A finger-lickin’ good farming-campaign

Provincie Limburg


When Provincie Limburg asked us to create an online platform on which to promote local farming and authentic farm products, we were like 🙋. 

We designed a tasteful website on which foodies can find out where to buy fresh and locally produced 🍓🍑🍆🥦 🥖🍗🥛🍷 close to home. In addition, we interviewed 99 of the 👨‍🌾s and spread their inspiring stories online. Some of them as juicy as their products. Of course, we also wrote some inspirational articles and 🤤-worthy recipes such as this delish recipe to make 🍰 using Limburg-grown 🥕, 🧀 and 🍯. For a whole year, we printed one of these recipes every week on the back cover of the Het Belang van Limburg 📰.

The 🍒 on top? People actually tried out those recipes. (Special thanks to Paul, who wrote us he loved the recipe for chicken breast with caramelized apples (and told us that if he actually used the 150 grams of butter we accidentally recommended for 2 apples, he would die of cardiac arrest).) 

After we planted (ha-ha) this farming campaign, we switched to Limburg-grown retailers. We created a cool video and direct mailing to invite them to an inspiring retail congress, sponsored by Provincie Limburg. Our in-house Hood & Tell event buddies took care of the event itself. 

Last one, promise. Provincie Limburg also sponsored an event for small accommodation keepers. Communication of which was provided by yours truly. 

Also looking for an organic, locally produced campaign? We've got ideas that'll make you drool!