Bring back your smile with Ethias On Tour



Aah, the festival season. A time of drinking, good times, making out with strangers, regret about the making out with strangers, accidentally seeing a band play, and of course lots of laughs and giggles.


Unfortunately, when you wake up the next day in your tent, completely dehydrated and with 35 degrees of sunlight trying to kill you, it can be difficult to regain this vitality you had the night before. 


Luckily, Ethias On Tour comes to the rescue and gets you right back into the dancing spirit/mood. How? By daring you to smile. Because we all know, when you’re not allowed to smile, you definitely will smile. And once you smile (and fall a couple meters down a pit) you will definitely be in the dancing mood again.  


Oh and it just so happens that Ethias' slogan is "A Smile Ensured". So that's a nice plus. 

Want to send your (potential) clients down a 3-meter-deep pit? Or just have a fun activation?