Shop local, stay nuts

Stad Genk


The severed head used in Saving Private Ryan. A sleep mask Megan Fox supposedly wore for 5 minutes in New Girl. The souls of our two interns. And the lovely yellow pants starring in our campaign for the city of Genk and Wereldhave. 

Speaking of things that are for sale, the city of Genk and Wereldhave asked us to promote local shopping in the city centre and shopping centres. To do this, we thought of a creative campaign in which 5 colourful citizens of Genk showed their true colours. Message? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you fancy, you will always find whatever it is you’re looking for in Genk. The images and feel-good video were spread through online banners, print ads, digital billboards, pre-rolls and the Euroscoop cinema. 

But seriously, please buy the yellow pants. We need the money to sponsor our next teambuilding. Or we’ll be stuck barbecuing in our boss’ backyard again. 

Want to find out just how nuts we are?