Spreading happiness, one bite at a time!

De Geluksmakerij


Picture this: a cozy bistro filled with the aroma of goat cheese, jams, goat milk ice cream, honey, apple juice, cookies, and the heartening chatter of guests coming together to champion a meaningful mission. At Geluksmakerij, it's not just about delicious treats,  it's a place for those seeking delicious artisanal treats while supporting a good cause. Geluksmakerij, part of Zorggroep Arum's Zorgboerderij Ommersteyn, provides a tailored workplace for those facing challenges in traditional work or living environments.


Sirfish sprinkled its creative magic on Geluksmakerij, crafting a brand that radiates warmth, friendliness, and playfulness. From the inviting logo to the delightful visual elements, every touch was designed to mirror the heart and soul of Geluksmakerij. Because when it comes to spreading happiness, every detail matters.