How to sell ‘less is more’



It’s not easy to explain to our parents what we do for a living. Case in point for our creative copywriter, who once gave up on enthusiastically describing to her dad the higher goal of writing lines and spurring ideas for creative campaigns. When he hesitantly tried: “So, you make films?”, she just sighed and nodded along. 

Obviously, when the opportunity presented itself to make an advertising commercial that would run at the movie theatre, we grabbed it. For real estate project CityLoft, we created 4 different short stories about urban living for the single millennial, the student, the single dad and the ambitious couple. 

Just to make dad proud. And also, this inspirational approach was a bit more convincing than the sales pitch “Please buy this mini loft in the city centre for the price of a normal-sized apartment and share your living room and terrace with complete strangers.” 

Do you want more for less? Or do you just like a good play on words?