A MaasMagical campaign

Gemeente Maasmechelen


Some responses we got when we asked our non-Limburg friends what they think of when we say ‘Maasmechelen’:

“Aah, that one with The Village?”

“It has a lot of mines, I think? Probably?”

“Don’t you mean Maastricht?”

"How can we get rid of this misconception?" This is what the municipality of Maasmechelen asked us. Yes, a mine-themed theme park did cross our minds, but in the end, we landed on a more sustainable attraction. And lucky for us, this hotspot already existed and was well known and loved by the local Maasmechelaren: the vast and unspoiled nature.

Our challenge? Selling nature. Get people to discover the incredible power of the nature of Maasmechelen and the ton of extra nature-experiences they have to offer.  

Our plan of action? Positioning Maasmechelen as the biggest ‘natuuroplaadpunt’ or ‘a nature-powered charging point’ in Belgium. Trust us, it sounds better in Dutch. Maasmechelen is thé place where people can recharge their mental batteries and get inspired. Maasmechelen wants to empower and energise people by unleashing the power of nature.

The concept? ‘MaasM. Helemaal onze natuur.’ A unique and recognizable headline that allows for tons of creative variations to reflect the unique and diverse DNA of Maasmechelen, its inhabitants, and its nature.

And now for the good stuff, the deliverables.
The 360° media campaign involved: billboards, OOH posters, flags across MaasMechelen, a unique oversized magazine with MaasMighty ambassadors; an exclusive launch event for press, influencers and entrepreneurs; a new tourism website; a full-blown social media campaign; and an inspirational commercial for national tv.

The result? A MaasMasterful campaign.

Want to be MaasMade into Belgium's new hotspot?