A finger-licking rebranding



How far can you go with a rebranding? Can you even go too far? That's what we asked ourselves the day Deliva - a culinary company that creates and delivers tailor-made food solutions across Europe - asked us to do their rebranding. Our answer? YES.


What started as a a routine rebranding quickly turned into a Gault Millau 4-star 10-course dinner that could even shut up Gordon Ramsey. Indoor drone shots through the product facility, 100.000 euros worth of fireworks for one scene, kidnapping Cirque du Soleil to perform at an employee event, stickering the CEO’s car with the new slogan, wrapping Deliva’s entire fleet and tricking Jeroen Meus to get a tramp stamp of the new logo for “PR purposes”. 

Whether we exaggerated some things or not, the impact was clear. The rebranding was a success and employees and clients alike became mayor fans. 

Do you want a finger-licking rebranding as well?