100 years of Smeets, endless ways to celebrate

Smeets jenever


It’s the 100th birthday of your client Smeets jenever and they have an anniversary marketing budget. What do you do?

a)    Organise an excessive yacht party with the marketing team and drink the entire budget
b)    Donate it to AA
c)    Create an ad campaign
Of course, we chose a. But then the Rona forced us to go with c.

We created a fresh rebranding including an all-new website and creative social media posts. In addition, we teamed up with 7 amazing talents to create something original with the product. Jee Kast wrote fluid poetry, photographer Elien Jansen shot 3 dreamy pictures (one of it starring Sarah Puttemans, a.k.a. Miss Viktor Verhulst), artist Eva Lynen made an EXTRA large illustration of 9 by 3 meters, bartender Rob Biesmans mixed up signature cocktails, Chocolatier BOON made beautiful chocolate Smeets bottles, Mama Leone created delicious ice cream based on Smeets Mango-Passie and Patisserie Cools made Hasseltse speculaas with Smeets.

We infused (ha, ha) these collabs into a QR walking route in the city of Hasselt for which we made an app-like website and print brochure. Also, we authored a book on the revival of jenever with 45 recipes and developed a discovery box containing the book and cocktail ingredients that we sent to influencers. Our campaign even got featured in Het Belang van Limburg and on Joe FM!

The book and box are for sale on smeets.be. Please go and buy them in bulk, so we can do a after all.

Did our work get you hooked? Or do you just want to see how many more lame (read witty) fish puns we can throw at you? In any case, let's meet.