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So, you’re an ambitious student and want to know what working in advertising is really like. Spoiler alert: it’s exactly like Mad Men. Without the handsome creative director and day drinking (most days, anyway).

We’re not one of those agencies at which interns only learn how the managers take their coffee. You will be immersed in the chaos that is advertising. You will attend brainstorms and/or client meetings, help guide a project to the finish line with your designs, ideas or hands-on help and experience first-hand what a hard deadline really feels like. 

Still down for the job? If your profile matches one of the descriptions below, make sure to fill out the form below. We’re always on the lookout for fresh new talent and might invite you over to discuss your internship over a cup of coffee. That you will have to get yourself, obviously. As for us? Black with just a hint of sugar-free sweetener, thankyouverymuch. 

1. You’re a communications or marketing major and want to apply as an all-round intern.
2. You want to learn the ropes as a project management intern.
3. You aspire to be a creative intern (copywriter, concept provider, designer).
4. You’re a digital native and want to test your digital education to the real world.
5. None of the above, but you want to work for free.

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